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Corporate Card

The park card application is a card issued by the bank in conjunction with a community or a community unit enterprise for the management of the people in the area and the service of the people in the area. The services include identity management, payment in the park, and use of various event facilities and venues. Provide the most convenient service. Based on the PBOC specification, there are special applications for enterprise parks.

Product specification

Supports universal JAVA platform, version Global Platform 2.1.1 and JAVA CARD 2.2 and above

Support multiple communication interfaces, contact, contactless, dual interface three communication modes;

Support multiple cryptographic algorithms, DES, RSA, SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, etc.

Support different capacity space, can provide 32K ~ 144K different capacity;

Support multi-use of one card, and provide multiple security access methods and permissions;

Support multiple file types and multiple security protection mechanisms;


Smart card Application

Professional R&D and manufacture of high-end active smart cards


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