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M2M smart card

The communication between people has matured, and the demand for connection between machines (M2M, Machine-to-Machine) is a new growth point. The interconnection of all things will generate new value for connection and has huge development potential. M2M smart card is an integral part of the IoT business system. By embedding the M2M smart card module inside the machine and using mobile communication as the access method, it provides customers with comprehensive information solutions, which can satisfy customers' monitoring, command and dispatch, and data collection. And measurement information needs. M2M smart cards can be widely used in many industries such as Internet of Vehicles, smart homes, smart meters, smart consumer electronics, etc. through professional software and hardware transformation.

Product specification

Support mobile, China Unicom, telecommunications 3G, 4G communication standards, support over-the-air number application;

Operating storage temperature supports -40 ~ 125 ℃, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, has passed the test of relevant certification agencies;

Support safe data storage, the product can be repeatedly erased and written up to 500,000 times, and the data can be saved for up to 15 years;

It supports the application requirements of various industries such as car-level, industrial-level, and consumer-level. The product supports various forms of SIM card and patch.


Smart card Application

Professional R&D and manufacture of high-end active smart cards


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