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Colorful smart card

On the basis of the PCBA smart card, with specific animations, and a personalized layout with a full sense of design, presented on a smart card, Heyang Technology has born a new product that leads the industry---colorful smart card, card animation colors There are more than 10 kinds, and the display content is embodied in text, graphic LOGO, letters, etc. The card uses high-security RFID chips such as F50/F08, and the finished product is packaged into a colorful smart card with a thickness of 0.9-1.4MM. It can be customized as a VIP membership card, large-scale event commemorative card, and other purposes, as well as a personalized identification card for special occasions (bus cards, large enterprises).

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Facilitate the implementation of the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP) policy. Now it has reached cooperation with the four major state-owned banks and three major operators of the national institutions and Internet companies such as Ali and Tencent.

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