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Colorful shield card

At present, most of our bank cards and certificates use RFID technology to store information, which can be stolen through NFC mobile phones or other readers. Cards and personal information may be exposed and spread at any time. Compared with RFID anti-theft wallets, a shielding card can protect bank card information security at low cost, effectively preventing risks such as theft and leakage of private information.
Shielded cards are specially used to protect the data security of high-frequency smart cards such as chip bank cards, second-generation ID cards, city card cards, and bus cards. In appearance, the size of the shielded card is no different from ordinary bank cards. When you put your bank card, ID card and other smart cards with this shielded card, your smart card wireless signal will be effectively shielded, regardless of criminals No device can be used to steal your card information to ensure safe portability and prevent information leakage.

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Professional R&D and manufacture of high-end active smart cards

Facilitate the implementation of the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP) policy. Now it has reached cooperation with the four major state-owned banks and three major operators of the national institutions and Internet companies such as Ali and Tencent.

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