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The gas active Bluetooth IC card produced by Heyang Smart Card adopts internal power supply, and the button battery in the card supplies power to the Bluetooth chip. The adopted low-power Bluetooth technology and button battery can support the use of Bluetooth IC card for up to one year, without the need to upgrade and replace the gas meter, it can have the function of mobile loading. The emergence of Heyang Active Bluetooth Card provides users with a new way of depositing and bringing many conveniences. It has deep cooperation with domestic companies such as Shenyang Shancheng Gas, Xinjiang City Gas Company and Harbin Tianchen Gas.

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燃气卡工作原理图   有原始图

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Facilitate the implementation of the central bank's digital currency (DC/EP) policy. Now it has reached cooperation with the four major state-owned banks and three major operators of the national institutions and Internet companies such as Ali and Tencent.

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