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Introduction of common card making process for smart card production

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1. Specifications and process of smart card manufacturing

1.Standard specifications of business card: 85.5*54*0.84mm (length x width x thickness)

2. Common production process: gold bottom, silver bottom, gold flash, silver flash, hot stamping, hot silver, hot laser gold/silver, hot mirror gold and silver, signature strip, bump code, flat code, spray code, surface matte, hit Holes, adding film, packing bags, etc.

2. Common production process of smart card:

1. The white PVC material can be used to make the surface matte, smooth or matte; it can also be made into a translucent, fully transparent transparent material;

2. Can be made into square, round and any other irregular shapes, such as key card access control card, etc.;

3. The standard thickness of the contact IC card (the chip is outside) is 0.84mm, the standard thickness of the ID and M1 card (the chip is not visible) is from 0.84 to 1.0mm, and other thicknesses need to open a special edition;

4. The standard size of the card is 85.5mm * 54mm, with rounded corners, it can also be made into other sizes;

5. The card can be printed as single-sided or double-sided, using silk screen, offset printing (CMYK four-color printing) or silk plus offset printing method;

6. The background color of the card can be made into imitation gold or imitation silver, that is, gold background and silver background;

7. You can sprinkle gold powder and silver powder on the card, and the effect of gold and silver will be shining after printing;

8. You can add a signature strip or a writing board (the area where you can write by hand). The signature strips include white, gray, transparent, and floral (patterned);

9. Laser code can be printed (smart card needs to be coded, this process is recommended);

10. You can type a convex code. The convex code can be gold or silver; the card number can be arranged in sequence, or you can type a personalized, irregular number (because there are coils and chips in the smart card, it is recommended to use this as little as possible. Process, to avoid damage to the coil or chip);

11. Text/patterns can be hot stamped on the card by a fully automatic hot stamping machine, commonly hot stamped into gold/silver, and other colors such as green gold, blue gold, red gold, etc.

12. You can spray different numbers, PIN codes or text on each card;

13. Round holes or strip holes can be punched on ordinary cards; other holes need to be opened with abrasive tools;

14. You can pass UV oil, print the company LOGO, and focus on promoting the advantages of the company;

15. A protective film can be added to the card;


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