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What is the central bank's digital currency DC/EP, and what impact does it have on ordinary people, and what about Alipay?

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Recently, the online DC/EP information has been issued. In fact, the news "The Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute" has declared that "the online DC/EP information is a test content does not mean that the digital RMB is officially issued." Knowing what DC/EP is, some people even say something about our people, NO, NO, NO, in fact, it has a direct relationship with our people. To put it simply, DC/EP is electronic money, and paper money will be DC /EP is replaced, and here we have to mention a famous virtual currency, "Bitcoin". In fact, the technology used by both of them is essentially a blockchain-related technology, but the issuer is completely different. DC/EP is the legal electronic currency for national credit endorsement. At present, our domestic central bank is leading and studying the research of digital currency based on blockchain, and this is an inevitable trend of technological development. With the continuous development of technological progress, All aspects of life in the future are inseparable from technology. Technology is changing the food, clothing and housing of each of us. Well, the topic is a bit far away. Then what is DC/EP? A more complete explanation is as follows:

On August 10, 2019, Mu Changchun, deputy director of the central bank's settlement department, delivered a speech introducing the practice of the central bank's legal digital currency practice DC/EP. Conceptually, "DC/EP" is a combination of two words. Among them, DC is the abbreviation of Digital Currency, which is both digital currency; and EP is Electronic Payment, which is electronic payment. So DC/EP means digital currency and electronic payment.

See if the partners here already understand what DC/EP is, why say this thing is closely related to us, because it is your wallet (DC), and the act of scanning the code for payment is the electronic payment ( EP) process, digital currency payment is an upgraded version of the current WeChat and Alipay payment, digital currency payment has two biggest advantages, one does not use the network; two is more secure, national credit and technology two-way endorsement; this is the biggest feature of digital currency .


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