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PCBA Card Sealing Process

The packaging of PCBA into smart card form has been a technical difficulty in the smart card industry for many years. The high temperature melting PVC used in the traditional smart card making process can no longer satisfy the problems of PCBA circuit board card making, and the high temperature of the traditional process will lead to the failure of lithium battery and the damage of components, Successful implementation of ultra-thin lithium batteries, chips, solar panels Fingerprint, ink screen and other components or modules at room temperature packaged into a high-end smart card with high performance, high reliability, smooth appearance, bending test standards, the current daily production capacity of 20000-30000 PCS, under the continuous efforts of Heyang, production capacity, technology, performance gradually improved and improved.

Shenzhen Heyang Smart Card Technology Co., Ltd.
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Company has a professional high-end PCBA smart card R & D team, with strong high-end smart card production and processing capacity, and complete high-end smart card related supply chain; R & D team with high-end smart card circuit board design, software design, structural design and other professional capabilities; R & D technical team has more than 50 people, including 3 experts in the professional field; The company's testing center includes safety laboratory, environmental laboratory, environmental protection laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, can independently complete the raw materials, accessories and other project testing certification. The company has more than 1000 mature cases in the world, for the global public service users, enterprises and institutions Level 1 users and individual users provide a full range of customized services.

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The company provides pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale full-service ,8-hour response ,24-hour door-to-door. The R & D team implements one-to-one professional R & D design centered on customer needs.

PCBA Smart Card Client Options:

1. by the customer to provide the main components and design schematic, we are responsible for PCBA optimization design, main / auxiliary material supply chain recommendation, overall cost budget, PCBA card sealing, final production of finished products PCBA smart card shipping;

2. customers have mature PCBA circuit boards and supporting materials, we are responsible for PCBA card packaging, electrical performance, reliability testing, the final product PCBA smart card shipment;

3. by the customer to provide design ideas, we provide a variety of solutions and design suggestions, after the two sides reached agreement, design and production, the final product PCBA smart card shipment.

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PCBA Card Blocking Technology

Professional R&D and manufacture of high-end active smart cards
Heyang packaging Technology & Advantages
  • Glue R&D

    Glue R&D

  • Packaging equipment R&D

    Packaging equipment R&D

  • Card sealing at room temperature

    Card sealing at room temperature

  • Daily capacity

    Daily capacity 20,000+ sheets

  • Process effect

    Process effect: matte surface, smooth surface, UV effect, drawing effect, etc.

  • Card sealing process
  • PCBA performance test

    PCBA performance test

  • Battery welding, button installation

    Battery welding, button installation

  • Firmness test

    Firmness test

  • PVC+PCBA+PVC Glue package

    PVC+PCBA+PVC Glue package

  • Material forming

    Material forming

  • Warehousing


  • Package


  • Visual inspection

    Visual inspection

  • Performance Testing

    Performance Testing

  • Punch card

    Punch card

  • Production & Testing Equipment


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