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Blecard Bluetooth multi-application smart IC card product features

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Bluetooth card, as the name suggests, is a card with a Bluetooth module and integrated IC circuit. Its internal structure is mainly based on the PCB circuit board (which can be a flexible circuit board or a rigid circuit board), a lithium polymer battery, an IC integrated chip, and a Bluetooth function module.

Function introduction: The working status of the card can be controlled through the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone, and the security information and consumption information of the card can be grasped at any time.

Working frequency of shielding: 13.56mhz

Communication frequency: 2.4GHz

Working time: built-in wireless charging module

Category: Active smart card cold pressing rapid packaging process, smart card rechargeable chip and smart management software

It is widely used in mobile financial payment, high-end clubs, and city bus cards.

Features: innovative development in payment security, intelligent multi-service provision and download, Internet big data mining, etc.

Press the key of the card to activate the Bluetooth of the card, connect the mobile phone/tablet APP application via Bluetooth, select the desired application for self-service download, and realize the air card issuing.

Wanka's Bluetooth card may be a trend in developed countries! Because they are more environmentally friendly and will not cause waste! Bluetooth cards are indeed a trend!

Blecard Bluetooth multi-application smart IC card product features

1. Multi-application smart IC card function

2. Bluetooth card shield function

3. Electronic identity authentication function

Product Features

1. Support 13.56MHz/BLE frequency radio frequency communication;

2. Built-in confirmation button, turn on Bluetooth through the button, so that the Blecard card can exchange data with smart phones and tablets;

3. Support dual interface communication, in line with ISO14443, ISO7816 standards;

4. Card capacity: according to the application bearing plan, you can choose the corresponding large-capacity card;

5. Bluetooth BLE KEY function, Blecard card can be used as the second generation KEY of mobile terminal and PC online banking transactions, to ensure the security of online banking transactions;

6. Wireless charging function, the battery inside the card can be wirelessly charged through the 13.56Mhz frequency band contactless card reader;

7. Built-in thin-film battery, ultra-low power consumption design, design life 5 years, service life 3 years;

8. Comply with GP and JAVA specifications;

9. Comply with PBOC3.0 financial IC card specification;

10. Dual channel safety certification;

11. Support RSA, 3DES, SHA1, SM1, SM4 and other encryption algorithms;

12. Support air card opening and air key download, can download industry applications through the network


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