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All-in-one smart card officially exposed, is expected to replace Alipay, Apple Pay and other fast payment

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Since the birth of Alipay, Apple Pay and other fast payment methods, the banknotes in the wallet have survived in name only, and various bank cards have also become a decoration, but they still have to rely on them when they encounter downtime or power outages! However, putting various cards in the wallet is sometimes a burden! A few days ago, the world's thinnest all-in-one smart card was officially announced. It is reported that the smart card can add more than 30 cards to a single encryption chip, so that users can worry about one card at a time and make their wallets slim. Any device with barcode, EMV chip, magnetic stripe or NFC technology in the user's wallet can be stored.

When you use it, you only need to swipe your card, or use your smartphone to take pictures, and the smart card will load the information you need to read. This 0.03 mm thin smart card is also equipped with an electronic display screen, which allows users to select the card to be read when needed. The operation is also very simple, just press the button to scroll through the selection. The device can last for a full month on a single charge, and is equipped with a portable charging treasure, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power if you are on a business trip or traveling. In addition, if you accidentally lose the card, or if you can’t remember for a long time, an alarm will be issued to remind the user, and if the user forgets to carry the card when going out, he will also send an alarm.


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